Re: Proposal for named service bindings

Peter Dotchev <dotchev@...>

Hi Zach,

I am glad you find this idea useful too.
Let me know if you need further input.

Happy Easter!

On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 2:55 AM Zach Robinson <zrobinson(a)> wrote:

Hey Peter,

I like the use-case that this proposal allows developers to set their
expected service name at development time. I think this is a nice explicit
contract and is also portable between Foundations, where services may have
different names.

I prefer that we find a way to keep VCAP_SERVICES backwards compatible and
that we keep binding names optional.

I will try drop a doc off on this thread in a couple days with a proposal
based on yours and with some cli stuff vetted by the cli team. Then we can
look at getting work prioritized

CAPI Project Lead

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