CVE-2017-4970: Static file buildpack ignores basic authentication when misconfigured

Molly Crowther

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Molly Crowther
CFF Security Team

April 10, 2017
CVE-2017-4970: Staticfile buildpack ignores basic authentication when


Cloud Foundry Foundation
Versions Affected

- cf-release v255
- Staticfile buildpack versions v1.4.0 – v1.4.3


A regression introduced in the Staticfile buildpack causes the
Staticfile.auth configuration to be ignored when the Staticfile file is not
present in the application root. Applications containing a Staticfile.auth file
but not a Staticfile had their basic auth turned off when an operator
upgraded the Staticfile buildpack in the foundation to one of the
vulnerable versions. Note that Staticfile applications without a Staticfile are
technically misconfigured, and will not successfully detect unless the
Staticfile buildpack is explicitly specified.

OSS users are strongly encouraged to follow one of the mitigations below:

- For existing deployments, upgrade the Staticfile Buildpack to v1.4.4
or later [1] and restage all applications that use the Staticfile Buildpack.
- Upgrade to cf-release v256 [2] when available.


- [1]
- [2]


2017-04-10: Updated mitigation to apply to all apps using the Staticfile
buildpack instead of just apps with detection

2017-04-10: Initial vulnerability report published

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