Re: Any guides on clearing enormous bosh cache data?

Benjamin Gandon

Tip: You can plan a regular "bosh -n deploy --recreate" on each of your deployments, typically once per week. Run by Concourse, ou by a mere cron in your bosh-lite VM if it's just development.

Notice: Growing warden containers might indicate issues with growing log files. Missing log rotations in your BOSH releases or issues in your deployment settings that make error logs grow abnormally. You should question that too.

Le 7 avr. 2017 à 09:21, Sze Siong Teo <szesiong(a)> a écrit :

Hi, does anyone know what is the right approach to remove unnecessary cache in these places?

I've already removed unused deployments and releases but the size in the following folders are still quite large and growing pretty fast.


Any tips?

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