Re: Cloud foundy java client roles

Ben Hale <bhale@...>

The Java Client does not yet cover all CF APIs (we’re at abut 400 of 550 total APIs) and we have not yet added the user administration operations. If you’d like to see them moved up the priority list, please open an issue in our GitHub repository[1] and we’ll incorporate that into our planning.

-Ben Hale
Cloud Foundry Java Experience


On Mar 29, 2017, at 23:10, Patrik Kmetcz <kpatryk91(a)> wrote:


In the cf cli api program there is this commad:

cf l -a url -o orgnizName -s smoke -u username -p password

I have read the following documentation

and i can connect to the server and get the spaces.

But I need to execute the following command(s):

cf set-space-role email org space role / or unset

In the cloud foundry java client where is this function, because in the CloudFoundryOperations I only found operations with manage functions, but there is no command to modify the roles.

If there is any class in these packages wich I can make these change?

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