Removing UDP Endpoint from Doppler

Adam Hevenor

In order to enforce that all traffic is encrypted and delivered over gRPC going forward the Loggregator team will be removing the UDP endpoint and associated properties from Doppler. This change also allows us to eliminate a sharedSecret from metron[1]. We have been keeping this around to ensure a highly available upgrade path for previous versions and have now reached a point to remove this.

This API is not a supported ingress point into Loggregator but it is possible that experimental features have utilized it as an alternative to including a metron agent.

If you have questions about this work or are interested in tracking the change please see this Pivotal Tracker story [2] or reach out to us on Slack[3].

[1] - Github Pull request to remove shared secret -
[2] - Pivotal Tracker Story -
[3] - Loggregator Slack Channel -

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