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Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Great release! Super excited about this release with Isolation Segment

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 6:46 PM, Koper, Dies <diesk(a)>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.26.0.

Deb, yum and Homebrew repos have been updated; binaries, installers and
link to release notes are available at:
Isolation segments

This release introduces commands to manage isolation segments, enabling
one to run applications in a dedicated resource pool.
The new commands require a target CF release of v254 (CC API v3.11.0)

Refer to the documentation
<> for
details of this feature.
Fixed regressions

- create-buildpack and update-buildpack did not accept a URL to a
buildpack in cf CLI v6.25.0. (#1085
- ssh failed when transferring more than 2GB since cf CLI v6.24.0. (
#1098 <>)

Refactored commands

We are in the process of creating a more consistent user experience; our
goal is to standardize UI output.
For example, warnings and errors will consistently be outputted to stderr
instead of stdout and English table and key-value headers displayed in
As we iterate through the list of commands, we are also focusing on
improving performance and stability.
Please review your scripts if they depend on the output of these commands.

List of improved commands in this release:

- org
- space
- app
- start
- log
- bind-security-group

Updated commands

- start now displays a more detailed error message when staging fails.
- delete-org and delete-shared-domain now display in more detail what
else gets deleted in their confirmation messages. (#1082
- delete-user now displays a better error message when several users
of the same name (from different origins) exist. (#1097

New & updated community plugins

- cf-icd-plugin v0.0.11:
- sync v1.1.1:
- top v0.8.1:
- Firehose Plugin v0.12.0:
- cflocal v0.8.0:
- java-plugin v1.0.0:
- blue-green-deploy v1.2.0:
- buildpack-usage v1.0.4:



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