Re: What are the process type in Procfile supported by CloudFoundry?

Leandro David Cacciagioni

If you need to run cron tasks you have several alternatives like:


Look which of this fits better your reqs. For long running background
process what you can do is to change the default startup command (cf push
-c "your command" --health-check-type none | Be sure that you put
--health-check-type none to avoid tcp port check | for more info run: cf
push -h), or declare it in your deployment.yml (
Let me know if you need any help.


2017-04-05 15:22 GMT+02:00 Sze Siong Teo <szesiong(a)>:

Hi, it seems the CF only support 'web' process type as of now? I couldn't
find much information about this in CF documentation

Tried worker and cron from some other sites and Heroku seems no difference?

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