Re: CF install on vSphere

Mike Dalessio

Hi Marc-Laurent,

You're asking some great questions! It might be easier for people to help
you out if you join the slack:

as many of these questions can be answered many ways, depending on your
specific situation.

Hope to see you on the slack!


On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 12:57 PM, Marc-Laurent Delaruelle <
marc-laurent.delaruelle(a)> wrote:

Hi all,

I installed Bosh 261.4.0 and now I would like to install Cloud Foundry :-)

So I'm reading :
vcloud-cf-stub.html to create the .yml file for bosh to deploy cf.
But, it's may not the right page to have details on all the parameters of
this file

About networks : the page says :
- This examples assumes a two-network deployment. Ok, but may I deploy on
1 network, 3 networks ? In fact what are the rules to decide how many
networks are required.
- reserved : means the range is forbidden for cloud foundry ?
- static : means cloud foundry may use theses IP without DHCP ?

About system domain and system domain organization : it is said : You must
have <...> configured their DNS records so that these domains resolve to
your load balancer.
So do that means I need of a load balancer prior to deploy cloud foundry ?
Ha-proxy is a LB. So how to deploy ha-proxy with bosh ?
I think I need of a .yml file specifying vip and the adresses of the
routers of cf.
It would be great to deploy ha-proxy and cf in the same .yml in fact.
BTW : what is a system domain organization ?

After deploying it, will I get a GUI to manage users, spaces and orgs ?

Thanks for any help !

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