Re: Abacus UI

Hristo Iliev

We plan to have an UI as part of the Abacus Broker project [1].

ATM we are implementing the back-end APIs to support a service broker and
UI for editing Abacus plans. We are half-way through the the work for this
self-service MVP. We just started the broker and done first mock-ups for
the self-service UI. You can follow the progress in tracker [2]

We sketched ideas for reporting (drill-down for your org) and operations
(all orgs statistics) UIs, which might be of interest to you. For now these
are with just ideas and with lower prio, but I guess we can post a proposal
to discuss the general direction in broader round.

Feel free to reply with requirements, question or ideas for functionality
you want to see.

Hristo Iliev


2017-03-30 20:29 GMT+03:00 Rajesh Jain <rjain15(a)>:

Is there a UI/Dashboard with Reports on top of Abacus?


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