Big PRs for docker-boshrelease + broker-registrar-boshrelease

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

Hey everyone, over the last week or so I've gotten quite excited about all
things bosh2 - the new CLI, the bosh-deployment + cf-deployment repos,
links, cloud-config, local credentials generation and the future credhub

For someone who loves all things BOSH, I feel like I've been a laggard -
but perhaps many other ppl are feeling laggardy too - waiting until they
really HAVE to switch to all things new.

If you use any of the community BOSH releases that are maintained by myself
or other S&W people, then that "HAVE to switch" moment might be soon.

I've refactored and upgraded two popular releases to be


I'd appreciate feedback on the PRs - both from ppl who _are_ using
cloud-config/bosh2; and those who haven't yet looked at
cloud-config/bosh2/links etc. Especially the latter.

I'll hang out on Cloud Foundry Slack in #dingo-postgresql channel - a)
Dingo PostgreSQL uses the two releases and it is also being upgraded to
links/cloud-config; b) it's a quiet channel; c) its sweet sweet advertising
for the #dingo-postgresql channel!

I'd love to flesh out any missing documentation; or guide you to any new
BOSH stuff that you might have missed. #bosh channel is also great for that.

Dr Nic

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