Re: Some clarification around cf-deployment

David McClure

Just wanted to chime in and say how much I appreciate these projects.

cf-deployment and bbl, combined with the cf-deployment-concourse-tasks,
have been an immense improvement to our experience for development and
testing on the cf-networking-release team (not to mention the new bosh-cli).

Looking forward to more goodness from these efforts!

On Mar 16, 2017 5:06 PM, "David Sabeti" <dsabeti(a)> wrote:

Hey there!

There were some questions in the CAB call yesterday about the readiness of
cf-deployment <>, so I
thought I'd share a few thoughts that would be valuable to share more

Several teams in the Cloud Foundry foundation already use cf-deployment in
their testing pipelines successfully. If you need to deploy CF for
*development* or *testing*, cf-deployment is good to go. In fact, if you
use bbl <> and
cf-deployment together, you can spin up a new environment really easily.

If you're hoping for something that's ready for *production*,
cf-deployment isn't quite there. There are two things standing in the way:
1) Being able to guarantee rolling deployments without downtime.
2) Providing a way to migrate a deployment from using cf-release to using
The Release Integration team is working on this, and I'll make sure to let
everyone know when we think it's ready.

If you're curious about cf-deployment, or ever have a question about it,
please join us in the #cf-deployment slack channel. The Release Integration
team posts updates about cf-deployment there. I'll also send updates to
this email list for anybody else following along.

David Sabeti
Release Integration PM

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