Re: What is "Package Staging" in V3?

James Myers

One of the goals of V3 is that we are exposing a few internal CF concepts
as domain objects in the API. Specifically droplets and packages.

In V2, after you have pushed applications bits (created a package), the
next time that you start your application, if your package has not been
staged, staging will occur automatically.

We approached this differently in V3. Now you create a package (uploading
bits) and then you explicitly stage that package creating a runnable
droplet which you then can assign to your application. Thus the commit that
you see is the beginning of staging packages independently in V3.

You can learn more about this feature from this story( and more about V3 from
this epic (

Please keep in mind that V3 is still experimental and a work in progress.



On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 7:29 PM, nota-ja <dev(a)> wrote:


I occasionally have found this commit (included in v198 release) recently:

The commit message says that it is "Initial v3 package staging".

I have searched the release notes (v198 and after), the Web, and this
mailing list but I can't find the word "package staging".

I want to know the entire story of this feature (because the commit says
"Initial"). Is it referred in other words? Is there any point I missed?
Please give me a clue (the actual feature name, URLs, related commits,
to research about it.


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