Re: Java buildpack

Eitan Suez <esuez@...>

..with respect to continuous delivery, you want to generate your code
artifact (.jar file) once, and deploy the same artifact throughout your
build/delivery pipeline: to CI, QA, PROD, etc.. to ensure that what you
tested is what you deployed, not something that for some reason was
generated slightly differently.

/ eitan

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Søren Hansen <soren(a)> wrote:

As much as I'd prefer to be able to build the droplet without starting the
first instance, I feel like that's orthogonal to whether the buildpack
should build (compile) things or not. Also, the golang buildpack builds, so
Java is very much the odd man out here.

What do you mean it violates dev/prod parity principle? I don't follow.

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