How to deploy a Windows cell in a CF foundation - either on Azure or in PCF Dev

Abhijit Patil <abhijitpatil10@...>


I want to deploy ASP.Net Application(not .NET core) on PCF. Please suggest the way to deploy ASP.NET Applications on Pivotal cloud foundry.


1.Do I need to set up private environment to deploy widows cell on PCF?

2.Can I enable windows stack on pivotal trial account? if yes then how?

3.Can we have CF .net build-pack to deploy (3.5/4/4.5)applications?

4.for ASP.Net application deployment DIEGO could help,however please let me know,how I can set up DIEGO on VM or AWS VM or any other workstation?

Please suggest details links or blogs which I can refer and find the way to deploy applications on Cloud foundry.

Approaches Tried :

1.I have tried to deploy bosh on Azure VM, how ever I was unable to target BOSH director IP

install vagrant,virtual box,install BOSH CLI and trying to target BOSH.push CF windows release.


2. I have tried CF dev on Azure VM, however it does not support VT-x. it is also failed.

many thanks and regards,
Abhijit R Patil|cell9890884737

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