Documentation Update AWS

Leandro David Cacciagioni


I have had a few issues over the last weeks deploying Cloud Foundry to AWS
and I think that maybe it will be nice to:

- Update the docs to be able to deploy without using the bosh aws gem
(It's broken at least with ruby 2.3.3/rbenv & Fedora Linux 25).
- Also is not nice that this GEM deletes everything when you try to
tear down all that was created, it not only delete what was create by it,
but everything else in the account if possible.
- Update the docs specifying the minimum AWS quotas required for minimal
HA deployment.
- Update the stub sample to use m4 instances, since this has been in AWS
for quite some time and they are already in most of the AWS regions.
- Beyond AWS it would be nice a detailed step by step guide to deploy CF
with Diego enabled, since for those who have never touched CF is a little
difficult to understand all the moving parts of CF.
- In my case I was giving more than a week of training, at least one
hour per day until they catch up the concepts and understand the
basics of
how CF works (Forget about make them modify a bosh deployment to match a
Diego deployment if that's not in the docs)

Hope this help us all.

Cheers, Leandro.-

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