CF-Extensions: Welcome CredHub as newest incubator

Michael Maximilien

Hi, all,
Quick email to tell community that the CredHub project [1] proposed a while back by Pivotal and led by Dan Jahner has been voted to be an incubator into Cf-Extensions PMC according to our process [2]. All proposals to CF-Extensions can be found here [3].
This week, I will work with Dan to setup appropriate GitHub repos and any necessary Tracker projects so that the code and work can be made visible to all. Please watch this space for more information from Dan or from myself.
Congrats again to CredHub team. In my view this is an important addition to CF that touches many aspects and components of the platform with the goal of making it more secure. I look forward to the next steps with Dan and team.
In the mean time, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

ibm cloud labs
silicon valley, ca

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