Re: Incubation Proposal: CredHub (credential manager)

Michael Maximilien

Hi, all,

As discussed in the CAB call today, I would like to move the *CredHub*
proposal [1] to move to the next steps in order to become a CF incubator.

As per our process, since we are in the Review state, unless there are any
pending comments or objections I will move for a vote. Deadline to voice
your opinion is tomorrow midnight PDT.

So please, if you have any comment or questions about CredHub please
respond here or add to the proposal doc. Dan will respond directly.

If none then the vote should occur soon after and I will report here on

Thanks for your time. Best,


cf-extensions pmc lead
ibm cloud labs
silicon valley, ca


On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 3:15 PM, Dan Jahner <djahner(a)> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Pivotal would like to propose to the Extensions PMC a new incubation
project focusing on credential management in Cloud Foundry. This product
may be used in a Cloud Foundry environment to centralize and secure
credential generation, storage, lifecycle management and access.

Project name: CredHub
Project proposal:
Proposed Project Lead: Dan Jahner (Pivotal)
Proposed Scope: See “Proposed Scope” in the proposal
Development Operating Model: Pairing Model
Technical Approach: See “Basic Architecture” and “BOSH Manifest
Implementation” in the proposal
Initial team committed: 6 engineers from Pivotal

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dan Jahner

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