Statsd injector requires new TLS properties

Jason Keene

Statsd injector was recently updated to use a new gRPC API to write
messages into loggregator. This API requires mutual auth TLS and as such
the job requires the following properties:

- *loggregator.tls.ca_cert*: This is the path to the loggregator CA cert
- *loggregator.tls.statsd_injector.cert*: This is the path to the
statsd_injector cert file. This cert should be signed by the loggregator
CA's private key.
- *loggregator.tls.statsd_injector.key*: This is the path to the
statsd_injector private key.

If you are using cf-deployment you should not have to worry about
generating or specifying these values. If you are using cf-release you will
need to run this script
generate a cert and key and specify them in your deployment manifest. The
script accepts the loggregator CA cert and key files as arguments in order
to sign the injector's cert.

If you have any questions about this feel free to hop on #loggregator in
Cloudfoundry Slack or just reply to this email.


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