CF CLI v6.24.0 Released Today

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.24.0.
Deb, yum and Homebrew repos have been updated; binaries, installers and link to release notes are available at:

Doppler endpoint only

This release no longer bundles the deprecated loggregator consumer library, which was used to talk to the loggregator endpoint on CF releases before v212. Now, regardless of the CF release version targeted, the noaa library will be used to talk to the doppler endpoint.

This endpoint was deemed stable around CF v203<>: if targeting an earlier CF release and experiencing issues with commands that interact with the loggregator (e.g. logs, push), please stay on a previous release of the cf CLI until your target CF is upgraded.

Targeting CF releases before v197

Due to the removal of code branches only followed when targeting very old CF releases, the following commands may show degraded functionality:

* Commands that interact with domains are affected when targeting CC API versions <v2.0.1 (cf push, routes & domains commands) It is difficult to determine the exact CF release version and impact as the published CC V2 API docs don't go back that far. CC API 2.0.1 was incorporated somewhere before CF v190 (released in Oct 2014)<>.
* The cf space-users command is affected when targeting CC API <v2.21.0 (CF release v197, released in Jan 2015) and will return an error.

Health check type 'http'

In addition to the current port and process types of health checks for your application, there is now an http health check, which periodically sends an HTTP request to a specific endpoint on our application and monitors the response code.

The push, create-app-manifest and set-health-check commands have been updated to support this new health check type.

Push the app with an app manifest<>, or use the set-health-check<> command, to specify a custom path.

Note also that the above commands now prefer the better named value 'process' to identify the process health check (the deprecated 'none' is still accepted).
See for details.

Built with Golang 1.7.5

Golang 1.7.5 was released last month, addressing an issue that could have caused API server certificate validation to fail on Mac OS Sierra.
See this announcement<!topic/golang-nuts/oLhiu3KHBsg> for details.

Refactored commands

We are in the process of creating a more consistent user experience; our goal is to standardize UI output. For example, warnings and errors will consistently be outputted to stderr instead of stdout. As we iterate through the list of commands, we are also focusing on improving performance and stability.

List of improved commands in this release:

* get-health-check
* set-health-check
* target

Updated commands

* push now accepts http as well as process as health check type, both to the -u flag and in the app manifest "health-check-type" attribute. The app manifest also accepts a new "health-check-http-endpoint" attribute to customize the endpoint monitored in case of the http health check type.
* create-app-manifest now writes out the two health check related attributes mentioned above. (#1038<>)
* set-health-check now accepts http as well as process as health check type, as well as an endpoint to monitor in case of the http health check type.
* get-health-check now displays the endpoint in case of http health check type.
* push help text now better describes the -t option.
* delete-org now clears the targeted org after a successful deletion.
* target now clears the targeted org and/or space on an error. (#1061<>)
* api now aligns the row headers properly in locales that use multi-byte characters.

New & updated community plugins

* mysql-plugin v1.3.6:
* Diego-Enabler v1.2.3:
* top v0.8.0:
* do-all v1.1.2:


Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry Product Manager - CLI

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