CF-extensions PMC proposal process - DRAFT

Michael Maximilien

Hi, all,

In order to streamline, expedite, and control the quality of extensions proposal, we have created a process by which all proposal must adhere.

I am asking your feedback on this process so we can make it official. Please find link below and please comment directly in Google Docs or reply to this email or ping me on Slack. It's short two pages so easy read.

I would like to close the review on this by the next CAB call in third week of Feb (or before). All current proposals can opt to be grandfathered into this new process or not. Once official, please contact me with your decision if you are a proposal owner.

I hope this small process addition to CF-extensions will result in more submissions and eventually more incubation into CF.

All the best,


ibm cloud labs
sillicon valley, ca

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