Re: Loggregator Architecture Change: Independently Scalable Syslog

Vlad Iovanov


On Jan 31, 2017 14:42, "Adam Hevenor" <ahevenor(a)> wrote:

Hi All -

The loggregator team is planning a track of work that results in some
architectural changes to how syslog drains are implemented. I wanted to
share our plans and solicit any feedback about this new approach.

Brief: Developers and operators can use syslog drains to bind the logs of
a specific app to a third party tool, but doing so puts additional strain
on logs delivered through the firehose. These changes eliminate this burden
and pave the way for more developer features related to syslog while
keeping the same user experience.

For more details please see:

Please let me know your comments, feedback or ideas about the proposal.

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