Re: Considering deprecation of the HAProxy in cf-release

Shannon Coen

I understand the gorouter still only supports serving a single TLS
certificate [1], which makes it hard to support distinct api and app https
domains, which is often useful in lab environments.
HAProxy in cf-release has the same limitation, so removal of it would be no

I believe a battery-included load balancer still provides benefits to
small production environments which can't leverage out of the box load
balancer solution. Orange started contributing redundancy/HA support to the
cf-community haproxy bosh release, in the form of an active/passive fail
over leveraging keep-alived through VRRP protocol [2]. While this needs
further work to work in constrained cloud environments (without multicast
and gratuitous ARP support, such as AWS), it is likely these environments
provide out of the box their own production-grade load balancer construct,
or support for them can be added on top of keep-alived using unicast as
Iaas-specific features such as floating IPs.
Historically, we've taken the approach that BOSH releases can be deployed
to any infrastructure that BOSH supports, and that all features in a BOSH
release are infrastructure agnostic. As AWS doesn't support the feature
you've mentioned, this would be an infrastructure-specific feature.

I wonder whether it could make sense to incubate the
cloudfoundry-community/haproxy-boshrelease as to preserve such portable
battery-included load balancer and keep hard cloud prerequisites low for
That sounds interesting.




On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 9:25 PM, Shannon Coen <scoen(a)> wrote:

Over that past year or two, CF teams have been extracting components from
cf-release into their own BOSH releases. This allows teams to innovate more
quickly. These releases are currently submoduled into cf-release, so that
cf-release can be used to deploy the full suite of core CF services. The
current plan is that cf-release will eventually be deprecated in favor of
cf-deployment <>, a
toolchain that generates a manifest for CF from these composable releases.

One of the last components in cf-release
<> that has
not been extracted into its own release is HAProxy.

Historically, HAProxy has fulfilled two use cases: load balancing and TLS
termination. Since support for TLS termination was added to Gorouter, load
balancing may be the remaining use case.

In production environments, operators are expected to provide their own
redundant load balancers and configure them to forward requests to the CF
routers. HAProxy may provide a convenience where another load balancer is
not available, but as HAProxy is not inherently highly available in a
production environment it would require another load balancer in front of
it for HA, at which point HAProxy itself would be superfluous. For this
reason we have not recommended use of the HAProxy in cf-release for
production environments.

This leaves the use case of development, or lab environments. Over the
past year, we have begun thinking that the HAProxy provides no additional
value here either. Since HA is not required in these environments, we
have begun recommending
that operators point DNS directly at single instances of the CF Router and
SSH Proxy.

Therefore, we're proposing deprecation of the HAProxy in cf-release. Of
course, we want to hear your feedback. If you are currently leveraging the
HAProxy in cf-release, please share your use cases.

Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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