Re: Incubation Proposal: CredHub (credential manager)

Dan Jahner

Hi Mathias -

(Copying my reply in the doc for visibility) Correct, our initial plan is
for CredHub to store the service credentials. This feature work is a
separate initiative and a proposal will be sent out to the community for
comment before it is implemented.

We will not focus on applications directly leveraging CredHub beyond
service credentials for this work, but it will move us closer to enabling
that use case.

On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 12:38 AM Mathias Essenpreis <
Mathias.essenpreis(a)> wrote:

Hi Dan,
thumps up for the proposal.

Thinking about application secrets. You state to also cover "Conceal
service credentials from the Cloud Controller". Assuming you mean to
encrypt e.g. passwords that are stored in the env of an application, right?
So I assume this will help applications already to securely store their

Is my assumption right?

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