NOTICE: Breaking change in the .NET Core buildpack msbuild alpha tooling

Stephen Levine

Hi All,

The v1.0.7 release of the .NET Core buildpack added support for msbuild
tooling as an alternative to project.json tooling. This tooling is not GA,
and we do not yet recommend using it in production. The first release of
the buildpack after January 22, 2017 will build all apps that use the
msbuild tooling using `dotnet publish` during staging. This will
dramatically reduce the droplet size for msbuild apps, but it may require
making configuration changes to these apps to prevent them from breaking.
The behavior for apps that used the project.json tooling will remain
unchanged for the foreseeable future to avoid breaking production apps.

To migrate your msbuild apps to the new staging process, you may need to
add configuration to your csproj files in order to copy files that are
required for your project. For example:

<Content Include="appsettings.json">

Stephen Levine
CF Buildpacks PM

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