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Thanks Jon. The financial services clients I have worked with would also like the ability to turn on ‘cf ssh’ support in production, safe in the knowledge that app teams won’t abuse it by creating app snowflakes.

I see that the audit trail mentioned in the thread you posted have been implemented in ‘cf events’. Like this:

time event actor description
2016-12-19T16:20:36.00+0000 user index: 0
2016-12-19T15:30:33.00+0000 user index: 0
2016-12-19T12:00:53.00+0000 user index: 0

That said: I still think the container recycle functionality, available as say a feature flag, would be really appreciated by the large enterprise community.

On 19 Dec 2016, at 18:25, Jon Price <jon.price(a)> wrote:

This is something that has been on our wishlist as well but I haven't seen any discussion about it in quite some time. Here is one of the original discussions about it:

It would go a long way with our security team if we could have some sort of recycling policy for containers in some of our more secure environments.

Jon Price
Intel Corporation

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