Re: Memory/Disk usage information -MB vs MiB

Nicholas Calugar

Hi Ponraj,

Apologies for the delay, I promise you I have been considering this query,
just having trouble finding the correct response.

I think I actually do need more of an example of how this is failing you,
it’s not clear why presenting [1] Org Memory Usage in MB is inherently
wrong when [2] App Memory is also MB. For example:

cf curl "/v2/apps?q=space_guid:d2357fe4-a9f2-4c76-99d9-321b7668fde4" | grep
"memory": 256,
"memory": 1000,

cf curl /v2/organizations/$(cf org system --guid)/memory_usage

"memory_usage_in_mb": 1256

Do you think you could provide a more end-to-end example of when this goes




Nicholas Calugar

On December 7, 2016 at 11:16:53 AM, Ponraj E (ponraj.e(a) wrote:

Hi Nicholas,

Anything that you expect from us? Are we missing something here?


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