bosh-lite becoming unresponsive

Peter Goetz <peter.gtz@...>

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced the problem before that bosh-lite simply becomes
unresponsive and completely locked up?

It seems that it is somehow connected to high CPU load on the vagrant VM,
or using up all memory. We've noticed this, when misconfiguring the
deployment manifest and causing gnatsd to eat up all CPUs. Unfortunately,
sometimes they seem to die also without high load. They never die when no
CF is deployed.

When they die, neither any `bosh` commands that try to access the director
work, nor a `vagrant ssh` gets into the machine, which suggests that the
machine has completely stalled.

The only thing that works is a `vagrant reload` and a subsequent `bosh
cck` (or deleting deployment) which is extremely time-consuming.

Any help is appreciated.

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