Cloud Foundry Diego v1.0.0 released, starting EOL schedule for DEAs

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, all,

I'm extremely pleased to report that the Cloud Foundry Diego team has now
released version 1.0.0 of diego-release, after having successfully
validated its ambitious scaling targets in a full Cloud Foundry setting. If
you've been following in our public tracker at, or joined the Community
Advisory Board discussion earlier this month, you'll have seen that the
Diego team has succeeded in running 200,000 CF apps with a total of 250,000
instances on a large, Diego-backed CF deployment on GCP.

A key part of achieving this milestone has been replacing the etcd
key-value store with a relational data store, and from version 1.0.0
forward Diego officially supports only MySQL and Postgres databases.
Consequently, if you haven't done so already, please conduct your migration
to one of these two relational stores as soon as possible. Throughout major
version 1, Diego will support migrating data from existing etcd data stores
to MySQL or Postgres, but not standalone etcd deployments. We also
recommend that operators adopt a new set of more granular database
configuration properties introduced in Diego v0.1490.0 instead of the
original monolithic connection string.

As a reminder, the release of Diego v1.0.0 also officially starts the
six-month end-of-life schedule for the DEAs. Please see more details in the
earlier announcement at

Finally, a tremendous thank-you to all of the past and present members of
the Diego team, stretching all the way back to January 2014!

Eric Malm, CF Runtime Diego PM

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