Memory/Disk usage information -MB vs MiB

Ponraj E

Hi Colleagues,

I see CF using base 2 (1024 * 1024) for all the memory/disk quota/usage information, but base 10's unit at the end(MB). For ex, CF returns app instance memory as 1024 MB [using base 2 defintion (1024) and base 10's unit (MB)].

The problem arises when we have a client which does the conversion/formatting rightly and the values tend to differ from CF and the client. Though this confusion has been in varied existence still (for ex: Disk size of HDD), does CF have any plans of using one particular defintion throughout, like either 1024 MiB or 1000 MB?

P.S :
base 2 definition: 1 Kibibyte = 1024 Byte
base 10 defintion: 1 Kilobyte = 1000 Byte


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