App deployment hangs in legacy CF installation

John Wong


We are running on an extremely old version of CF (we are in the process of
building one based on the latest), so I know there is very little the
community may be able to help.

But regardless... let me give it a try.

In my debug session, I tried to deploy a hello world app, and deployment
stopped with "STARTED" and eventually timeout.

The full log:

I can easily reproduce this when I did two concurrent push. Sometimes they
go through, sometimes they don't.

We have looked at every log in CF and we don't have any lead. I did bosh
restart JOB hoping it was caused by a slow process, but that did not help.
I found ntp was not installed on some of the components (we installed ntp
on all of the DEAs), and i found clock was not synced so I synced the
clocked, and still no help.

Any idea where I should look at? I thought about our EC2 instance health
but all of them seem to be healthy. I am considering relaunching (bosh
recreate) one component at a time.

The one thing I did notice is I am constantly deploying to a couple DEAs. I
will look into them but I am not sure...

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.


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