Re: Credentials still available to app after unbind and restage

John Feminella <jxf@...>

I can't reproduce this. After restaging, the app no longer has service instance
1's environment variables.
Which service broker is this? Could this be a bug in your service broker where
it's reusing credentials?
best,~ jf--John Feminella
Advisory Platform Architect
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On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 3:15 PM, Amulya Sharma amulya.sharma(a)
we are having a unique issue of service credentials still available to
application even after unbind and restage of application.. we looked at the app
it is not storing creds anywhere .. this problem started after migration to v243
of cloud foundry anyone else experiencing similar issue
way to reproduce- Bind app to service instance 1- unbind and bind to service
instance 2- restage- app still trying to connect to service instance 1

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