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Chip/DrMax et al,
It might be helpful for the document to introduce the topic with a clear 2016/17 definition of what is "Core CF", and what "incubating project" means. I'm personally not actually sure - e.g. is the goal of Abacus & MySQL release to be CF Core? If so, does this mean that all CF Certified PaaS must deploy them? If this is clearly documented somewhere, perhaps a link in line is useful to me/others who also forget/are unclear.

The proposal frames itself in part around the @cloudfoundry-community organization. 
This organization is collection of projects related to CF but do not necessarily have ambitions of being "Core CF". They can be solutions to problems; tools to help run CF; brokers to run alongside CF; apps to run on top of CF. It's been wonderful - because in part we can abandon projects when we think up all new ways to solve problems; or perhaps because Core CF components evolve or are removed or new ones introduced that help lift the tide for all ancillary tools. The projects afaict typically don't have full time teams working on them - they are more byproducts of ongoing real life work; or after hours inspiration from the suffering during work hours :)
Did this organization of code bases get mentioned in this proposal because there is a desire by the Extensions PMC to do something with them? Perhaps explicitly flesh this out? At a glance the referenced projects are incubating projects with F/T teams - is this important; or is "incubating towards CF Core/Certification" the important aspect?

On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 2:05 AM +1000, "Chip Childers" <cchilders(a)> wrote:

Hi all!
The PMC Council is considering the attached proposal to restructure the foundation's PMCs.
A critical part of this proposal was a set of changes to the Development Governance and Operations Policies that define how a PMC's Governance by Contribution voting process works. Last week, the CFF Board of Directors unanimously approved these changes (they will be posted to this week). The TL;DR here is that PMCs can choose, at the time of formation, to delegate technical decisioning making completely to the projects. That's the proposed model for this Extensions PMC. 

This is being shared for public comment. Please take a look and feel free to comment in the Google doc, in this email thread or by contacting me directly if you wish to remain anonymous.
Comment period will be open until at least EOD Wednesday of this week.
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