Proposal to create Extensions PMC

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>

Hi all!

The PMC Council is considering the attached proposal to restructure the
foundation's PMCs.

A critical part of this proposal was a set of changes to the Development
Governance and Operations Policies that define how a PMC's Governance by
Contribution voting process works. Last week, the CFF Board of Directors
unanimously approved these changes (they will be posted to
this week). The TL;DR here is that PMCs can choose, at the time of
formation, to delegate technical decisioning making completely to the
projects. That's the proposed model for this Extensions PMC.

This is being shared for public comment. Please take a look and feel free
to comment in the Google doc, in this email thread or by contacting me
directly if you wish to remain anonymous.

Comment period will be open until at least EOD Wednesday of this week.


Chip Childers
VP Technology, Cloud Foundry Foundation

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