Re: [IMPORTANT] 2017 PaaS Certification Requirements

Cornelius Schumacher

On Fri, 28. Oktober 2016 14:15:22 CEST Chip Childers wrote:
On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 3:10 AM Cornelius Schumacher <cschum(a)> wrote:
On Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016 01:10:37 CEST Dieu Cao wrote:
2 major changes from the 2016 certification requirements include
Diego/Garden and also requiring the use of BOSH.
What does that mean for the stemcells? Is it required to use the stemcells
being officially released by the BOSH team, or is this one of the
defined plugin points" where it's ok to use an alternative?
What do you (or others) think would be the right approach?
I think it's good to keep some flexibility and openness, especially at such
integration points as the stemcell where there are defined interfaces and

This can help to accommodate customers who have specific needs, e.g. because
of standardization on certain infrastructure components. An all-in-one
solution, while having its advantages, is just not always a viable option from
an operational point of view, so having certain flexibility could increase

I think it's also good from a community perspective as it results in a less
monolithic project and allows for wider cooperation around components with
well-defined integration points. It's easier to get involved and contribute if
you can start with components and can keep some choices from where you are
coming from.

Requiring the use of BOSH already would be quite a strict requirement because
there is overlap with other infrastructure and tools, which might already be
in use. BOSH is a great way to deploy Cloud Foundry, but allowing for
alternatives as well might have some benefits, e.g. around innovation as Dr.
Nic already mentioned.

So from my point of view it would be worth looking into ways how to keep some
openness in the certification in these lower level areas which are not
directly related to the user experience and maybe require interfaces or
certain tests to be passed instead of specifying the exact implementation.

Cornelius Schumacher <cschum(a)>

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