Private Stacks ( Stacks for limited users )

Takahito SEYAMA

Hi all,

We want "Stacks" for limited number of users. Stacks are Cloud Foundry
structure, which provides base runtime environment of applications. In the
current implementation of Cloud Foundry, all Stacks are public and shared
by all users.
However, there should be situations to use (or provide) Stack for limited
number of users. It is possible to provide a special Stack which require
additional supports, to use proprietary resource and so on.

We named these "Private Stacks". Private Stacks's Design Document is here(
). In addition, We have already made Minimal Viable Feature and sent Pull
Request( ).
* This Pull Request is not for merge but for discussion.

Please comment for feature to Design Document and for implementation to
Pull Request if you have any.


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