CF CLI v6.22.2 Released Today

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.22.2. Binaries and link to release notes are available at:

CF Trace file permissions

When CF_TRACE or cf config --trace are configured to save to a file, the file is now created to be only readable/writable by the file's owner.

Fixed regressions

* help lost its entry for CF_DIAL_TIMEOUT in cf CLI 6.22.x. (#855<>)
* update-buildpack was not parsing the value passed in to its -p option correctly in cf CLI 6.22.x. (#983<>)
* push panicked rather than giving a useful error message when specifying an empty env var in the app manifest. (#958<>)

Updated commands

* restart now has a better command description, clarifying all app instances being stopped first, causing downtime. (#959<>)
* restage now has a better command description, explaining what a restage entails. (#959<>)
* logs and push now use reconnection logic from the noaa library when the connection to the stream is dropped. (#966<>)
* logs and push now use the doppler logging endpoint published by the CC API (/v2/info), as opposed to extracting it from the recently deprecated logging endpoint entry.
* bind-route-service and unbind-route-service now have a better description for the -path option.

New & Updated Community Plugins

* update-cli Plugin v0.1.1:
* cf-predix-analytics-plugin v0.0.1:
* Diego-Enabler v1.2.2:

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry Product Manager - CLI

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