CF on OpenStack

Anuj Jain <anuj17280@...>


I have installed Cloud Foundry on OpenStack project - in project we have
three types of subnet/IPs - one private subnet (which is non rout-able
IPs), second provider network subnet (public subnet) and third is floating
IPs (public subnet)

The setup which I have currently is:

All CF components are using private subnet (non route-able IPs) - on
HAProxy using two network one private subnet and one floating IPs

The setup which I want:

All CF components should still use private subnet (non route-able IPs)
- on HAProxy want to use one interface from private to communicate with
routers and second from provider network (which can be used by users to
access CF)

The reason I want to use provider network IPs on HAProxy - because in
case of provider network I have multiple provider networks with different
VLAN and based on that I want one CF instance dedicated to public and one
for private.

I can achieve the desired state with floating IPs - but currently the
version of OpenStack which we are using has bug and does not provide
multiple floating IP network (and we can not upgrade the version for some
time) and thus want to see if can achieve it using provider network.

- Anuj

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