Re: Any news on Tasks in CF Diego?

Andreas Mueller

Hi Nicholas,

thanks a lot for the quick and helpful response, which is in line with the latetest "release candidate" version of the V3 REST API docu.

So, the app log is the only channel for the task starter to consume the task results and multiple tasks with the same name can be started in parallel on a single app droplet.

Based on these facts I'd assume that the log lines belonging to the task can be easily identified in the app's log, by means of the task name and newly introduced sequenceId.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on the detailed format (source tagging) of log lines produced by an task belonging to an app?

I've found a hint in [1] (at that time there was no sequenceId, yet), but there does not seem to be some official documentation yet, about how exactly log lines produced by an app's task can be identified and grouped together.

Thanks and kind regards,


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