Re: Contribute mongodb 3.X bosh release

Shannon Coen

Hello Lyn,

Thank you for offering to donate your MongoDB 3.x bosh release! I would be
the person to talk to about contributing your service to the Cloud Foundry

I have a question, does your release use the v2 broker API? The
services-contrib-release were originally based on the v1 broker API and
README suggests they still are. Earlier this year Cloud Foundry dropped
support for the v1 broker API.


The cf-service-contrib-release repo started as the original five cloud
foundry services developed by VMWare. They used the v1 broker API. In 2012
when the v2 broker API was released the original services were donated to
the cloudfoundry-community github org. Since then they have been maintained
by Ruben Koster, among others, and the number of services grew. Earlier
this year Cloud Foundry dropped support for the v1 broker API. Assuming the
README for this repo is still accurate and they still depend on the v1
broker API, these services are no longer compatible with latest versions of
Cloud Foundry. Hopefully, your service has been updated to use the v2
broker API.

I'll contact you out of band about next steps.


Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Lynn Lin <Lynn.Lin(a)> wrote:

Previously we from DELL-EMC use MongoDB service 2.X from
this project under cloudfoundry community
cloudfoundry-community/cf-services-contrib-release . Months ago we want
to use mongoDB 3.X which improves performance a lot however we don’t find
the available mongoDB 3.X under cloudfoundy github so our team developed
MongoDB 3.X bosh release and provide additional cluster support compared to .
This version is deployed to production site and running for quite a while ,
it looks stable . Who should we contact to start conversation to see how
we can contribute back for this bosh mongoDB 3.X release if it is worth

Lynn Lin

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