cf-release Submodule Path Recursion Error (and fix!)

Chunyi Lyu <clyu@...>

We've seen an issue with ./scripts/update in cf-release. If you have a
sufficiently old version of `cf-release`, and then you try to run the
update script, you'll get an error that looks like this:
Failed to recurse into submodule path 'src/consul-release'
Here are the steps to reproduce:
- `git clone`
- `git checkout 58f89c63b1cd673df34ca98302e4573ed60c1bf3`
- `git submodule update --init --recursive`
- `git checkout develop`
- `./scripts/update`
You should see the error at this point.

If you hit this, we've got three fixes for you.

First and potentially simplest, just run one more git submodule sync
--recursive && ./scripts/update after the failure.

If that doesn't work, you can either delete and re-clone cf-release from
scratch, or go edit your git modules:
Edit `git/modules/src/consul-release/modules/src/confab/vendor/`, so that it's remote url points to `` instead of ``.

Hopefully this won't have inconvenienced too many of you!

-Jesse Alford && Chunyi Lyu
CF Release Integration Team

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