cloudfoundry file descriptor limit is too small

peter huang

Hi, All,
My cloudfoundry version is 225, when i run some java spring-boot program in the cf, sometime it will throw the "too many files open" exception, i know it is about the file limit.
So i login to the runner, and use `ulimit -n` to see, they are 1024, but i found in the warden .\cf-release-225\jobs\dea_next\templates\dea_ctl.erb
it call `ulimit -n 4096`, looks like it doesn't work.
and in .\cf-release-225\packages\dea_next\dea_next\vendor\cache\warden-181b550918c8\warden\spec\container\linux_spec.rb
Line 1418: response = => handle, :script => "ulimit -n", :rlimits => rlimits)
no sure it will overwrite the exist one(i don't know ruby)
my question is, does they some way to expand the size of limit ? or we need to upgrade the cloudfoundry?

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