Re: How to run cronjobs with Application

Nicholas Calugar

Hi Anuj,

For scheduling, you might want to look into the Advanced Python Scheduler
[1]. You would push the scheduler as a separate app to Cloud Foundry.

You could also experiment with V3 Tasks that we are close to releasing. You
can think of Tasks as commands to run against your app code that only take
up resources while executing. As of CF-245, you can push an application and
then run a task against it. There’s currently only support via curl [2],
but we are working on supporting this via CLI.




Nicholas Calugar

On October 18, 2016 at 8:03:38 AM, Anuj Jain (anuj17280(a) wrote:


We have an application (lets say django app) - which we deployed on
Cloud Foundry - now there are few commands which we want to run
periodically (cron jobs) - what is the best way to handle this with Cloud


- Anuj

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