Change in NOAA Behavior

Warren Fernandes

Hello cf-dev/cf-eng,

Loggregator would like to notify the community of a change in behavior for
noaa <>, the client library for

noaa <>'s reconnecting methods
(Firehose, Stream, TailingLogs) will reconnect indefinitely using a
back-off strategy. See SetMinRetryDelay
and SetMaxRetryDelay
to configure the back-off strategy.

Those who would like noaa <> to stop
connecting after a certain number of tries can implement the behavior
similar to below:

msgs, errs := consumer.Firehose(subID, token)
go func() {
var count int32
consumer. SetOnConnectCallback(func() {
atomic.StoreInt32(&count, 0)
for range errs {
retries := atomic.AddInt32(&count, 1)
if retries >= 5 {

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this change please feel
free to reach out to us via the Cloud Foundry Slack channel #loggregator

CF Loggregator

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