Re: Metron_agent should be split in a different job

Hector Rivas Gandara


I will try indeed, thx for pointing it.

It seems to be the same logic, why is it duplicated?

On 10 October 2016 at 10:37, ronak banka <ronakbanka.cse(a)> wrote:

Hi Hector ,

Instead of using metron to configure rsyslog , have you already tried
using syslog-release <> ??

Ronak Banka

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Hector Rivas Gandara <
hector.rivas.gandara(a)> wrote:


Currently we are using the feature of metron_agent to configure rsyslog
to forward all the logs to a central syslog endpoint[1]

This is great, but I wonder if this feature should be really part of the
job "metron_agent".

Our case is that we want to configure this feature in ALL our VMs, even
the ones that are not purely CF components (nozzles, database brokers,
etc). But in order to configure it consistently, we need to install
metron_agent, which is not being used in that VM.

Installing metron_agent when the only goal is collaterally configure
rsyslog s completely unnecessary.

My proposal is that we split this to a new job, something like

What do you think? We can do a PR if that is OK.


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Hector Rivas | GDS / Multi-Cloud PaaS

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