[ANN] Utilities PMC projects graduating from incubation

Mike Dalessio

Hi all,

In May 2015, the Utilities PMC began incubating a handful of .NET developer
tools created and maintained by engineers at HPE.

These projects have been maintained by HPE over the last 16 months, and so
I think it's overdue to move these projects out of Incubation and declare
them to be *Active Projects* according to the CF Development Governance
Policy [1].

I'm pleased to announce that these three projects have graduated:

- cloudfoundry/cf-msbuild-tasks
- cloudfoundry/cf-dotnet-sdk
- cloudfoundry/cf-vs-extension

Big thanks to the HPE team!

Worth noting, *Harshit Shah*, the PM of the HPE team, would like to hold
office hours at CF Summit Europe this week for anyone who's interested.
He'll reply to this email with details, and is CCed if you'd like to reach
out to him directly with questions.



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