Announcing Volume Services for Cloud Foundry

Ted Young

As of cf-242
and Service Broker API v2.10, Cloud Foundry now ships with support for *Volume
Services*: filesystem-based data services. The v2.10 API is a release
candidate, and will be considered GA unless a bug in the implementation is
fond. An experimental version of the API was added in v2.9.

Until recently, the only data services that have been allowed are ones with
network-based interfaces, such as a SQL database. With Volume Services,
brokers can now attach data services which have a filesystem-based

Currently, we have platform support for Shared Volumes. Shared Volumes are
distributed filesystems, such as NFS-based systems, which allow all
instances of an application to share the same mounted volume simultaneously
and access it concurrently.

This feature adds two new concepts to CF: *Volume Mounts* for Service
Brokers and *Volume Drivers* for Diego Cells. Details can be found in the
links below.

*CF Summit Talk:*

If you're going to CF Summit Europe, be sure to check out Julian's talk
detailing the types of Shared Volume Services available, and their usecases.

If you're interested in rolling out a volume service, please be in touch.
You can ask questions here, on the OSS #persi
<> slack channel, or email me
directly at tyoung(a)


Ted Young
Persistence Project Lead, Pivotal

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