Anyone use the /heathz endpoint on Gorouter?

Shannon Coen

For a very long time, the /healthz endpoint has been documented as
deprecated. The recommended method of healthchecking Gorouter has been to
send a User-Agent http header.

We recently merged a PR that enabled configuring the value of the
User-Agent header as AWS, GCP, and Azure load balancers all send a
different value.

However, we've found that the User-Agent header is typically not documented
and difficult to discover, while configuring a load balancer healthcheck
with a path and port is ubiquitous. So we're planning to refresh the http
healthcheck endpoint. We're even adding http healthcheck endpoints to the
haproxy in cf-release and to the TCP router.

We don't know why the gorouter healthcheck endpoint was named /heathz and
not /heath, and rather than carry forward this legacy to our new endpoints
we're hoping we can rename the /heathz endpoint to /health. Would this
cause issues for anyone? Worst case, it would require a load balancer
config change synchronized with the deploy.

Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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