cloudfoundry/gunk is being split apart

Brandon Shroyer

Hello all,

We are in the process of breaking up the repo.
It doesn't really have a coherent theme, and some of its components are no
longer used by us (or anyone else, in a few cases).

Once we are done, gunk will no longer be a submodule of diego-release, and
will eventually take up permanent residence in cloudfoundry-attic. Before
that, though, we will be moving components out of the master branch and
into their new homes (see below).

The following components are headed to volman under the Persi team:

- gunk/http_wrap => volman/http_wrap
- gunk/os_wrap => volman/os_wrap

The following components are headed to route-emitter under the CAPI team:

- gunk/diegonats => route-emitter/diegonats

The following components will become new repos in and
continue to be maintained by the Diego team:

- gunk/command_runner => commandrunner
- gunk/urljoiner => urljoiner
- gunk/workpool => workpool

The following unused components are headed to the attic:

- gunk (the repo itself)
- gunk/group_runner
- gunk/test_server
- gunk/natsrunner
- gunk/runner_support

Let us know if you have any questions.


Team Diego

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