Re: Job `metron_agent' has invalid spec format

Marco Voelz

Dear Sam,

The latest version of bosh-lite *can* deploy this correctly. Can you do a `bosh status` and check the output? Here is mine for the most recent version of bosh-lite

$ bosh status
Name Bosh Lite Director
Version 1.3262.3.0 (00000000)

If you have a different version, most likely the update didn't work.

How did you update your bosh-lite? Just fetching the newest state from git is not enough. Here are the steps for updating your bosh-lite:
* vagrant box update
* vagrant destroy
* vagrant up

Note that you lose all current deployments to bosh-lite.

Warm regards

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I am using latest version of bosh-lite, how to upgrade my BOSH Director to >=v255.5+? the following is the list of my software:
vagrant 1.8.4


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