bosh-init fails to create vm during upgrade

Nithiyasri Gnanasekaran -X (ngnanase - TECH MAHINDRA LIM@Cisco) <ngnanase at>


I am trying to upgrade the bosh director using bosh-init. My existing director uses 3155 stemcell and bosh version is BOSH 1.3071.0.
I am able to upgrade to 3262 stemcell version and BOSH 1.3262.4.0, but after upgrade the bosh vms are lost.

So to retain them I tried using the same stemcell version 3155. But it fails with the below error:

Started deploying
Creating VM for instance 'bosh/0' from stemcell '81be5b73-a8b8-495e-9785-d896222ec8cb'... Failed (00:02:54)
Failed deploying (00:02:54)

Stopping registry... Finished (00:00:00)
Cleaning up rendered CPI jobs... Finished (00:00:00)

Command 'deploy' failed:
Creating instance 'bosh/0':
Creating VM:
Creating vm with stemcell cid '81be5b73-a8b8-495e-9785-d896222ec8cb':
CPI 'create_vm' method responded with error: CmdError{"type":"Bosh::Clouds::VMCreationFailed","message ":"Server `3a3d1481-f308-4e40-ab64-c779ee3e0fc6' state is error, expected active\nNo valid host was found. Excee ded max scheduling attempts 3 for instance 3a3d1481-f308-4e40-ab64-c779ee3e0fc6","ok_to_retry":true}

Bosh-deployments.yml is available in the deployment directory..

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